Creating, Growing and Sharing

I am a small-town girl born and raised. After traveling the world, join me as I renew my love for my small-town roots.

Come on in!


Small town girl

I loved growing up in a small town until high school – then I was all about the big city and bright lights. Having traveled and lived in a large southern city, I yearn for the small town and want my family to experience some of what I did.

  • Knowing your neighbors
  • Sunday suppers
  • Family gatherings
  • Making & building what you need

A few of our favorite things

Tea Towels

Sassy or seasonal, tea towels are great for giving or everyday use.

Comfort Food

Nothing better than a bowl of love!

Porch POP

Front door, side door, even your mailbox. Add a Pop to celebrate a season or special day!